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Locksmith Scams: How to Identify and Avoid Them

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

As professional locksmiths, K&M Lock and Key knows that there are all too many people out there who attempt to make money by offering substandard, unlicensed locksmith services. Those who are seeking reliable, trustworthy service should not have to put up with anything less. K&M Lock and Key can offer you these tips and tricks to spot the scammers when you’re looking for a Baltimore area locksmith.

A professional locksmith will have a website that lists both a phone number and an address. You can do research online to find out exactly where they are located and to see if there have been any customer reviews or testimonials. A locksmith scam may also have a website, but it may only list a phone number to get in contact with, there will not be a comprehensive list of services, and more than likely no words from past customers.

A professional locksmith will neither under nor overcharge you for their services. They will be able to give you an estimate consistent with the amount of work your particular need requires. A locksmith scam will typically advertise or estimate a very low price for services. Then, after completing a portion of the work, they will raise the price exponentially so that you have no option but to pay it, or else risk the security of your locks.

A professional locksmith will use tools specifically engineered to deal with lockouts and broken keys. Typically, this does not involve many extra steps. A locksmith scam may send “locksmiths” who drill out locks or try to pick them in a way that seems to cause even more damage. Only a professional, licensed locksmith should be given access to your locks.

Emergency Locksmith Services MD

The best way to ensure that you are not taken in by a locksmith scam is by checking into the credentials of the company before you order their services. K&M Lock and Key’s homepage can give you all the details on our complete range of services and products.

Call your local licensed locksmith, K&M Lock and Key when you need a Baltimore locksmith, Towson locksmith, Timonium locksmith or Columbia locksmith.

We serve the Baltimore, Maryland, area, including Cockeysville, Pikesville, Glen Burnie, Essex, and Ellicott City.

Call today at 443.547.8590 or visit our contact us page. Learn about K & M Lock & Key ’s 24/7 emergency locksmith services . Have a look at our locksmith coupons and offers to help you save money on your lock repairs and lock installations.

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Why a Professional Locksmith can Prevent Damage to Locks

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Locked out? We’ve all been there. Whether we were rushing off to work and forgot our set of house keys or closed the car door without thinking, getting locked out is an unfortunately common hassle.
It may be tempting to try and pick the lock yourself in these situations. After all, if all those people in movies can do it with a credit card or a bobby pin, why can’t you? However, unless you want to risk permanently damaging your lock, making for a far bigger problem than simply being locked out, you should always call on a professional locksmith to do the job for you. Whether it’s bright and early in the morning or in the middle of the night, 24/7 emergency locksmith services are available to you, courtesy of K&M Lock and Key.

Locks are designed specifically to work only with their corresponding keys. However, when the key is misplaced or unavailable, people try to make other objects work as substitutes. Jamming safety pins, needles, scissors, or bank cards into a lock opening is not the best strategy to pick it open. Imagine if a chunk of metal from a paper clip broke off inside the key hole and the further work that would result in. If you’re too forceful, you could even manage to break the lock! If you damage a lock to the point that the original key will not function properly with it anymore, your only solution is to replace the lock itself, which can be time consuming and costly.

Lock picking, when done by a professional, is a fairly simple process and can allow for an undamaged lock to be reused later on. Professional locksmiths understand the different components of the interior of a lock, and can decide what method is best to unlock it with minimal force. Equipped with professional lock picks that are strong enough to withstand breakage while still maintaining the integrity of the lock, professional locksmiths like those at K&M Lock and Key are able to gain you entry into your locked door and advise you as to whether replacing or rekeying the lock will be necessary in order to avoid future issues with it. Emergency locksmith services ensure you’re taken care of and secure no matter what time of day it is.

Pikesville MD Lock installations

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Mailbox Security: How can I take advantage of mailbox lock repair and lock change?

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Improving Mailbox Security with mailbox repairs

Have you recently moved into a new office space, home or apartment in Pikesville? Is the mailbox lock not properly working? Do you need extra keys made for this mailbox? If you answered yes to 1 or all of the above, you need to hire a professional locksmith to handle your mailbox lock repair and any other lock changes you require.

The professional locksmith will give you an estimate for correcting any mailbox damage while enhancing your mailbox security. Mailbox break-ins are on the rise and taking the precautions to secure your mailbox is just as important as securing your home or business property. So much confidential/sensitive information is sent to your mailbox.

How will I know I need a mailbox lock repair?

You will know you need a mailbox lock repair when you relocate or your mailbox lock has been compromised. You will need a mailbox lock repair anytime your mailbox experiences wear and tear over the years.

How will I know I need a mailbox lock change?

You will know you need a mailbox lock change performed when you’re using a mailbox that’s located in an open space with other mounted mailboxes. Fore example: An apartment mailbox. Apartment mailboxes experience so much ongoing mail traffic that mailbox lock changes are necessary to ensure your sensitive data is not being target by identity theft criminals.

Anytime you’re locked out of your mailbox, a certified locksmith can remove the damage lock and replace the lock with new, reliable mailbox lock. This will give you the opportunity to reap the benefits of full mailbox access control. Having professional mailbox lock changes performed for your property will help you lower your risk of mail theft, mail fraud, and identity theft.

If you need a mailbox repair/ mailbox lock change today, you can count on K & M Lock and Key to handle your professional mailbox lock repair/ lock change services.

You can count on K & M Lock & Key for 24/7 emergency locksmith services. We specialize in emergency locksmith services. Our certified locksmiths are highly skilled at broken key extraction. We use special patented tools to perform broken key removals. We will not damage your lock to remove any kind of broken key. We will make sure you do have to replace a lock over a broken key problem.

Learn about K & M Lock & Key ’s 24/7 emergency locksmith services today.  Have a look at ourlocksmith coupons and offers to help you save money during the holidays.

K & M Lock and Key is Baltimore’s most reliable locksmith company but we also provide locksmith services in Cockeysville, Pikesville, Glen Burnie, Essex and Ellicott City.

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Pikesville Locksmith : The art of lock picking

Monday, November 4th, 2013

lock picking services

Has the entry of your home or office experienced a lock malfunction? When this has occurred, the last thing you need or want is to damage the lock. Only a lock that’s experienced very little physical damage can be rekeyed.

To not jeopardize the integrity of your lock, you should have a professional locksmith lock pick your lock.

Only a professional locksmith company will have the proper training to analyze and manipulate any type of lock device.

Why is lock picking good for gaining entry?

To start we have locks to give us a sense of security. We use so many keys and locks in our everyday lives.

Lock picking is a service where locks are manipulated to grant entrance. Locks are different sizes and shape. When you need a lock picked, you should always hire a professional locksmith. The most commonly used lock is the dead bolt lock. It’s used on doors. The lock used on doors with a dead bolt lock is the cylinder lock. This lock turns a cylinder to lock and open a door.

You can think of a lock as a puzzle that needs the right set of keys to be solved or unlocked. A certified locksmith will be equipped with picks and tension wrenches to unlock your lock without damage. The professional locksmith will know how much pressure to put on your lock to unlock it.

Once the lock picking service has been completed, rekeying and  new keys can be created for your locks. There are so many lock designs available.

When a locksmith company performs lock picking, it’s done in a way that doesn’t destroy the lock to save you time and money.

Anytime you find yourself locked out your office or home, contact K & M Locksmith. We will gain you access no matter the time because we provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services. You’ll hear a click when we pick the lock open.  We will identify the number of pins inside your lock and whether those pins are located on the top or bottom of the lock interior. Don’t perform lock picking without a professional locksmith. You’ll risk damaging the lock mechanism.

K & M Lock and Key is Baltimore’s most reliable locksmith company. We provide 24/7 Emergency Lockout Services for any type of lock picking emergency situation (as well as general lockouts involving residential and commercial properties).

K & M Lock and Key is a fully licensed and insured company that pledges to abide by the laws and regulations of the Maryland Department of Labor and Licensing. That means that all of our service technicians undergo background checks and are properly trained for the job that they are performing.

For locksmith services, Contact K&M Lock and Key  at 443.547.8590 or visit our contact  us page .

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