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What are the advantages of master key systems?

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Best of Baltimore Master key systems Baltimore Locksmith

Are you searching for ways to better safeguard your home property or office building? You can make it happen by hiring a high quality locksmith company to install master key systems throughout your home property or office building.

Having quality locksmith services such as master key system installations can help you keep your home security or business security under control. Efficient master key systems by a Baltimore Locksmith or Pikesville Locksmith can guarantee you have the right high quality master key systems for addressing your commercial property or residential property security needs.

What are master key systems?

Master key systems are security systems that enable you to keep track of who has access to your valuables at any given time of the day. With master key systems, you can create a list of specific key holders to your building properties.

Master key systems can give you this great opportunity to improve your security systems because you can designate specific areas where specific keys will only operate so those that only need access to specific areas are the only ones granted that access.

Your Baltimore locksmith or Pikesville locksmith can create change keys, servants, maintenance keys, principal keys and grand master keys for your master key systems at any given time.

In fact, the benefits of master key systems are highly visible to property owners and building administrators alike. You only need a single key to grant you access to all the crucial entryways of your home or place of business. The commercial locksmith can help you better monitor areas of your property with master key system installation to boost your overall security systems.

Here at K & M Lock and Key we have all types of master key products and master key system solutions to offer.

To put it simple, master key systems are your all keys in one access to your property. Just think about it.  You can have 1 key right in your pocket that gives you access to your entire commercial building or residential building today. We like to call that efficient access.

For master key designs, you can count on K  & M Lock and Key.

Here is a list of the advantages of Master Keys and Master Key systems:

  • Better building management of access
  • No hurdling of multiple keys
  • Never have to worry about being locked out of your own property during emergencies
  • Opportunity to have high security patented keys to protect your property from unauthorized key duplication and much more.

K & M Lock and Key is Baltimore’s most reliable locksmith company but we also provide locksmith services in Cockeysville, Pikesville, Glen Burnie, Essex and Ellicott City.

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Pikesville Locksmith :The Benefits of Master Key Systems

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Locksmith in Baltimore: Master Key Systems

During the holiday season businesses become more vulnerable to theft and burglary than any other time of the year. To reduce your business vulnerability, you should have a master key system installed by a professional locksmith.

Master key systems can be used for a variety of buildings. Here is a list of common commercial and residential facilities that use master key systems:

  • Commercial offices
  • Public Schools
  • College Dormitories
  • Condominiums
  • Apart Complexes
  • Gyms

It is crucial to your security system that you know who has master keys to your property. Master key systems are designed so that individual keys, and specially made master keys, can open specific locks throughout your building or all of the locks in your building. Any resident or commercial facility that’s centrally managed should have a master key system installed. Maintenance workers and facility managers need master keys in the case of emergency access needs.

Someone that wants to invade your property will try to grant his or herself access by replicating keys or breaking in. You can prevent attackers from gaining access to your property by keeping track of the individuals that have access to individual keys as well as master keys.

Although no security system will completely prevent invasion, integrated systems can take care of your business or resident security needs. The best lock systems feature master keys that cannot be easily procured. You should designate restricted keys anytime you have a master key system installed. By using restricted keys, you will make it harder for those with bad intentions to gain the right blanks.

We recommend having multiple master key systems for any property. Most workers only need access to areas needed to perform their job tasks. It’s in your best interest to separate workspaces based on the different work functions. You can have this completed by floor or department.

K & M Lock and Key is here to design custom master key systems for your residency or commercial property alike. By having master key systems installed throughout your property, you will reduce the number of keys you need to carry at a time while improving your high security systems.

Our locksmith services include designing a set of master keys that open all locks for your property and another set of keys that only grants access to specified locks. To put it simple, your master key systems will help you better control access throughout your building by only authorizing those you trust to have access to your valuables. This is both convenient and secure.

Here at K & M Lock and Key, we understand that keys can e stolen or misplaced at any time. We can provide you new master key systems for your property to assist you in keeping track of which keys are giving to whom.

You can count on K & M Locksmith Lock and Key as your fully licensed locksmith. We will properly install your master key systems.

K & M Lock and Key is Baltimore’s most reliable locksmith company.

For installation high security locks services, Contact K&M Lock and Key  at 443.547.8590 or visit our contact  us page .

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