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What are the Benefits of Keyless Access Control Locks?

Monday, July 7th, 2014

No matter what kind of facility you are trying to keep safe, from a residential home to an apartment complex to a government building, reliable security is always a top priority. While traditional lock and key solutions have long been reliable methods of keeping you secure, they are not the only option you have available to you. If you have a facility in the Baltimore, Cockeysville, Pikesville, Glen Burnie, Essex, or Ellicott City area, consider the many benefits of keyless access control locks when determining your security plan.

A keyless access control lock is an electronic system that K&M Lock and Key’s expert locksmiths can install for your home or business. Unlike a traditional lock and key, a keyless access control lock does not rely on an actual object in order to open; you simply need a key code. You can choose your own personal access code that will be easy for you to remember for your keyless access control lock, and so all it will take to gain access to your facility is a simple sequence of numbers. There are many advantages to taking this approach as opposed to a traditional lock and key one. If you are running a business, it can be both expensive and risky to distribute keys to a number of your employees; depending on how many copies you need made, this can be costly, and you run the risk of an employee losing his or her copy of the key. With a keyless access control lock, you can simply distribute the key code to your trusted employees so that they can gain access to the building when they need to while it is still kept secure.

A keyless access control lock also means no lockouts and no lost keys to contend with. If you lose a hard copy of a key to a high security facility, you need to replace all of the locks in the building in order to ensure that it is kept secure. However, in the unlikely event a key code falls into the wrong hands, reprogramming the code to change it is far easier and less time-consuming.

Do you think a keyless access control lock is right for your facility? Call K&M Lock and Key to know for sure and to discuss your options for installation.

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