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Maryland Locksmith: What are the benefits of home security locksmith services?

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

 Certified Maryland Locksmith in Baltimore

Maryland home security. It’s something on the minds of homeowners no matter where their homes are located. You can never get enough home security, no matter how many high security systems you have installed for your home. Yes, you have a state of the art home alarm system. Yes, you have one of the best guard dogs in your neighborhood,but there has to be something you’re overlooking. What is it? You can start inspecting your home for better security solutions by hiring a Maryland locksmith in Baltimore to identify what high security locks your home needs for better security.

If your home doesn’t have quality deadbolt locks installed, your home lacks an excellent home security system.

One of the most common ways intruders grant themselves access to home properties is through forced entry. Home burglaries happen because burglars can easily gain entry to home properties. Many homes do not have deadbolt locks installed or pre-existing deadbolt locks are not properly operating. Home burglars can simply kick in the door to break into your home.

By hiring a Maryland locksmith in Baltimore, you can have peace of mind that your high security locks are securing your property.

Why are deadbolt locks essential to home security? Deadbolt locks are crucial to your home security because they are locks that include steel bolts that go all the way inside the door jamb and hit the plate of your home door frames. The most popular deadbolt locks are cylinder deadbolt locks because the deadbolt locks feature a twist knob within home doors. The key is on the externals of the doors. Second most popular deadbolt locks are double cylinder deadbolt locks ( a key is required to operate a double cylinder deadbolt lock to enter inside and outside the home).

A Maryland locksmith in Baltimore can help you protect your property with high security locks. Just in 2010, there were 2,159,878 burglaries in North America, according to the FBI. That’s a property loss of $4.6 billion dollars. The majority of those burglaries were from forced entry and predominately happened during the daytime.

Anytime you need a home security locksmith in Baltimore, you can count on K & M Locksmith and Key. We are a top Maryland locksmith company when it comes to high quality locksmith services and technology.Our  high quality locksmith professionalism and high security locks are unmatched.

We serve residential properties, commercial businesses and even handle emergency locksmith services for vehicles. To put it simple, we like to put our customers first.

You can count on K & M Lock & Key for 24/7 emergency locksmith services. We specialize in emergency locksmith services. Our certified locksmiths are highly skilled at broken key extraction. We use special patented tools to perform broken key removals. We will not damage your lock to remove any kind of broken key. We will make sure you do have to replace a lock over a broken key problem.

Learn about K & M Lock & Key ’s 24/7 emergency locksmith services today.  Have a look at ourlocksmith coupons and offers to help you save money during the holidays.

K & M Lock and Key is Baltimore’s most reliable locksmith company but we also provide locksmith services in Cockeysville, Pikesville, Glen Burnie, Essex and Ellicott City.

For pet lockout services, Contact K&M Lock and Key at 443.547.8590 or visit our contact  us page .

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How to secure your business with high security locks

Friday, November 8th, 2013

high security locks by professional locksmiths

It is the holiday season. Your place of business will be full of customers and employees. It’s a good time to reevaluate your building security before Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas approach. A great way to make your property more secure during the holidays is to have high security locks installed for your business.

You deserve to have peace mind every time you close shop and you can have it when high security locks are installed by a personal locksmith. There are some many benefits you can reap from having high security locks for your business property.

With high security locks you will know that you are locking up your business with high security keys. What is so special about high security keys? You can only unlock high security locks if you have the specific high security keys. Any business with high security locks makes it very challenging for burglars to enter a place of business and steal business supplies and products.

There are all types of high security locks available for businesses, from deadbolt locks to key in lever locks. It will be difficult for criminals to pick your high security locks or drill into the locks to grant them entry to your company. High Security locks are also very difficult to break because the locks are custom designed with pins and sidebars.

Don’t use cheap locks to lock up your business, your livelihood. You need high security locks because those locks are made from high quality material and tested to offer you utmost security.

Here at K & M Locksmith Lock and Key we create high security locks out of solid brass and use ball bearings on each side of deadbolt locks. No criminal can duplicate your high security locks, only you will have the keys to enter your place of business. You will have full control over who has copies of our keys. What more could you ask for?

You can count on K & M Locksmith Lock and Key as your fully licensed locksmith. We will properly install your business high security locks just in time for the holidays.

K & M Lock and Key is Baltimore’s most reliable locksmith company.

For installation high security locks services, Contact K&M Lock and Key  at 443.547.8590 or visit our contact  us page .


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