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Emergency Lockout Services: How to avoid a car tow to the dealer

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Emergency Lockout services for cars

Have you ever been locked out of your car? It’s a frustrating situation. Without an extra set of keys, how will you get into your car without causing car damage?

No worries, you can get in your car in less than 30 seconds with emergency lockout services from a Baltimore professional locksmith. It’s especially important to have a Baltimore professional locksmith handle your lockout if your car door locks are designed within the interior door handle. For old car locks that have buttons on the window ledge, it’s easier to unlock. The only challenge that comes with unlocking a window ledge door lock is when the car lock is a smooth button. Smooth locks are hard to budge/ pull up.

Anytime you get locked out of your car, it can cost you 100s of dollars to replace a key, including towing your vehicle to your car dealer to get a new set of keys. A local locksmith in the Baltimore Metropolitan area can help you avoid the cost and wasted time by opening your car the same day or hour you experience your lockout.

K & M Lock and Key is Baltimore’s most reliable locksmith company. We provide 24/7 Emergency Lockout Services for any type of automotive lockout emergency situation (as well as lockouts involving residential and commercial properties).

It doesn’t matter if you experience your automotive lockout during the day, at night, holidays, and weekends or during inclement weather. We will be there for you. You can count on us to carefully lock pick, pass tool, or use other locksmith instruments to gain access to your vehicle. We will even ask for a security check to make sure we are performing the emergency opening for someone authorized to access the car. All of our locksmith technicians are required to show positive ID before we perform any emergency locksmith service.

Never again will you have to panic as you notice your keys are locked in your car. You won’t need to get towed to your car dealer. We will have you ready to go about your day in less than 30 seconds being on the job. We will pull up that lock and not cause any damage to your car. Let us save you hundreds of dollars today.

K & M Lock and Key is a fully licensed and insured company that pledges to abide by the laws and regulations of the Maryland Department of Labor and Licensing. That means that all of our service technicians undergo background checks and are properly trained for the job that they are performing.

For locksmith services, Contact K&M Lock and Key  at 443.547.8590 or visit our contact  us page .

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