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Where Can I Get a Master Key for My Commercial Property?

Commercial property owners know that there are many different things that you need to keep secure in your facility. From rooms to safes to offices, it is essential that there are proper lock systems in place in order to assure you and your customers that the property is safe from intrusions. One solution that many commercial property owners opt for is the production of a master key- a key that will fit all of the locks that other, individual keys are assigned to. Where can you have your master key made in the Baltimore area? At K&M Lock and Key of course!

Why is it so important to have a master key? For one thing, think about the sheer number of individual keys that certain properties require. In particular, hotels and apartment complexes can have up to hundreds of keys that need to fit the locks of specific rooms. But hotel guests can misplace their keys, and apartment residents can lose them; what do you do then? Because you are typically not allowed to duplicate those types of keys, a master key can be the only way to solve your problem. Even without the original key, a mater key can open any lock and give you the opportunity to have the lost key remade.

Master key systems can also ensure that you, as a commercial property owner, have a way to monitor key distribution and ensure that only certain people have access to certain keys, while you have access to any area in your facility that you might need to. A master key is an essential security item that also makes running your business, whatever it may be, much more efficient and manageable. Call on K&M Lock and Key today to discuss your need for a master key system!


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