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Looking for Lock Installation in Ellicott City?

Not all locks are created equal. Different types of locks are needed based on what their primary purpose and usage rates are, and choosing the wrong locks could potentially bring about problems in the long run. So when you need new locks or replacement locks for your Ellicott City home, how do you determine which kind will work best? Call on the experts from K&M Lock and Key for lock installation advice.

When it comes to locks for your home, there are several different yet common varieties that you will see. For safety purposes, consider talking to your locksmith about installing a deadbolt. Deadbolts are used for doors that lead to the outside of your house; it would not be necessary to use them on interior doors. Because deadbolts can only be opened from the inside with a key, they are among the most secure lock types available.

For interior doors, that is, the doors that separate room from room in the interior of your home, knob locks are among the most popular. Because the knob of a knob lock could potentially be removed by the use of force, locksmiths generally do not do a knob lock installation on exterior doors, but they do provide plenty of functionality for the inside of your home.

Another common interior door lock is the lever handle lock. A lever handle has the same practical usage as a knob lock, but as opposed to turning a knob to open the door, you press down on a handle and push instead. Lever handle locks are especially useful and convenient for handicapped access to rooms, so if this is a concern or need for your lock installation project, let your locksmith know.

For added exterior door security, you can discuss the option of installing a combination of a deadbolt and another kind of lock with your locksmith. Generally these can be designed to accept the same key, and the added lock provides many homeowners with extra peace of mind that their home is safe from potential intruders.

Lock Installation

At K&M Lock and Key, the safety of you and your home is our priority. Call us today with your questions about lock installation!

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