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Safety in Summer with your Baltimore Locksmith

During these summer months, it is important to take precautions against the heat. In most cases, this would mean staying hydrated, using air conditioning, and avoiding prolonged sun exposure; all of these things are within your control. So what exactly can a Baltimore locksmith do to help you beat the heat?

According to data compiled by PETA, animals who are locked inside of cars on summer days are at a very high risk of heatstroke and death. Even if the temperature outdoors is relatively bearable, the temperature inside of a locked car can increase into the triple digits, leaving your animal vulnerable and in danger. While most responsible pet owners are aware of these facts and will take the steps necessary to protect their four-legged friends, there is always a chance that you will inadvertently lock yourself out of your car with your pet still inside. When you are in a rush or simply stopping to run a quick errand, it is easy to forget your keys in the car. Luckily for you in cases such as these, K&M Lock and Key is on the job.

K&M Lock and Key locksmiths are fully aware of the urgency of a situation in which a pet is locked inside a car. There is no time to waste in such cases, and so K&M prides itself on having a quick response time. We are an animal-friendly Baltimore locksmith, meaning that we are very understanding of both your and your pet’s needs for a quick and hassle-free locksmith service.

It is important to keep a locksmith’s number on hand in the event you accidentally lock your pet inside of your car. Write down ours now: 443-547-8590. It could be the key to saving your pet’s life!


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